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What Our Clients Say

A recent clients, CEO of a non-profit organization, says:

You really have helped me by raising some hard questions. I feel confident about the direction I’m now taking – thanks for helping me formulate my vision for the future.

A CEO of several family owned businesses says:

Jane is very astute and sees beyond the obvious – she can ask the hard questions to dig down deep for where the real issues are.  I now get why she keeps asking these hard questions, and her diligence in continuing to do this has caused me to re-evaluate how I make decisions!

A Senior Executive with a major healthcare organization says:

Jane took the time to get to know me, and the personal circumstances behind my decision making, and helped me clarify my career directions. She exhibited the highest degree of integrity.

A marketing executive and owner of a management consulting firm says:

After one conversation with Jane, the light bulb went on! I was uncertain about the direction of my company, but Jane was able to help me clarify my goals and plan new strategies for reaching those goals. After working with Jane, I was newly energized and excited about going forward!

A CEO with a mid-size insurance company:

When Jane came in to work with us, my team was unhappy and we were not meeting deadlines. There was a breakdown in communications and morale was low. Jane helped me to develop strategies for better processes, communications and leadership and energized the group as a whole. She also worked with the team as a group and individually, to help them develop ways to communicate and strive for higher performance.