5 Tips for Improving your Emotional Intelligence

Forget IQ – How High is your EQ? There are many articles and books written about Emotional Intelligence (EI/EIQ). The one I most often recommend to my coaching clients is “Primal Leadership” by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee. This book discusses in detail how leaders “create resonance” in their organizations by driving emotions to create effective and optimal results. In fact, a leaders emotional intelligence directly correlates to the success his/her organization.

Coaching Leaders Through Transition and Change Management

Transition vs Change? What are the differences and how does an effective organization manage them? Webster’s Dictionary defines the noun “change” as the act, process or result of making something, or someone, different. To most people in the business world, change is associated with a loss of the status quo and an introduction of the unknown. To many, it represents loss of the comfortable and introduction of unknown factors, and for this reason, change in the corporate world is most likely to be seen as something to be avoided.

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