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Vistage Peer Mentoring Groups

When you own or run a business, even the simplest decisions can have profound implications. Vistage members find that the peer advisory and leadership development training they get out of their group has a profound effect on their growth as a leader. Not surprisingly, our members soon discover that their companies also experience significant growth as a direct result of the executive leadership coaching provided by their Vistage group.

In fact, our executive member companies have significantly outperformed non-member companies year after year. With regards to the compounded annual growth rate of the average D&B U.S. company from 2010 to 2015; our members saw a 7.1 percent increase in revenues, compared to the U.S. average of 2.1 percent.

Vistage works because in every group and in every meeting, no topic is off-limits. If you are willing to talk candidly about the tough decisions you face, fellow members will rally around you, listen, ask tough questions and bring to bear every resource they have to help you grow as a leader and improve the workings of your business. When our members have access to new perspectives – whether from fellow business peers, an outside facilitator, or expert resource speakers – they expand their view beyond their company walls in a way that traditional executive leadership training just can’t offer.

As a Vistage Chair, I facilitate the monthly meetings of up to 16 members and also provide 121 leadership coaching between meetings. Members report that our leadership development initiatives help them grow, learn, and find new ways to apply their newfound knowledge to their businesses. Vistage private advisory boards enable business leaders to leverage the wisdom and experience of their peers, benefit from the guidance of a leadership expert, and leverage the collective knowledge of the worldwide Vistage community. Membership is by invitation only.

High Performance Team Development and Coaching

Many organizations realize that team development through workshops and team coaching ensures peak performance and more cohesive and effective teams.

We improve communications, identify areas of strengths and gaps, and plan successful actions for maximizing high performance from everyone on the team. We also work to improve team communications and conflict resolution skills by learning and applying Conversational Intelligence techniques for optimal communications.

Examples of Team Workshops offered:

  • Overcoming Team Dysfunction to Impact Your Bottom Line
  • Utilizing a Strength Based Approach for Team Effectiveness
  • Co-Creating Excellence in Teams through Conversational Intelligence – It is Brain Science!

If you need your team to increase overall results, overcome dysfunction and buy in and own your corporate goals, contact Jane to book a consult and take that first step in discovering what an experienced coach can do for your team and individuals on your team.