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Group coaching is the foundation to your success as a leader.

Put twelve or so high performing business executives in a room and the potential is enormous. Each group is specifically tailored to CEOs, small business owners, key executives, or trusted advisors. They’re purpose-built so that members can help each other to solve their most pressing business concerns through a process we call peer advisory. The groups are formed by invitation only. At our group meetings, we have outstanding speakers and experts who provide workshop learning, with valuable take-a-ways. As the Chair of the group, I then help the members to apply learning where it makes sense, and share my experience and business knowledge where it is needed.

Vistage Chairs give the group the best executive coaching possible.

As a Vistage Chair, my role is to ensure that every bit of my group’s experiences and wisdom is applied in a monthly board meeting. I am totally committed to the success of each member through my executive coaching and business mentoring, I stimulate thinking and peer mentoring, frame issues, guide discussions, and ensure accountability in the group. My job as group coach is to ensure that members receive high value for their membership in our groups.

Coaches hold you accountable to drive your learning and development.

During meetings, and in private one-to-one coaching sessions each month, I encourage and support my members’ personal and professional growth, and hold members accountable for taking action on their goals. They help to develop their members and give back the knowledge they have earned through their own outstanding careers as CEOs, executives, and business owners.

When you own or run a business, even the simplest decisions can have profound implications.
Vistage members find that the peer advisory and leadership development training they get out of their group has a profound effect on their growth as a leader. Not surprisingly, our members soon discover that their companies also experience significant growth as a direct result of the executive leadership coaching provided by their Vistage group.

Vistage works because in every group and in every meeting, no topic is off-limits. If you are willing to talk candidly about the tough decisions you face, fellow members will rally around you, listen, ask tough questions and bring to bear every resource they have to help you grow as a leader and improve the workings of your business. When our members have access to new perspectives – whether from fellow business peers, an outside facilitator, or expert resource speakers – they expand their view beyond their company walls in a way that traditional executive leadership training just can’t offer.

If you are a business owner, executive or CEO who would benefit by having a group of non-biased, non-judgmental peers who want you to succeed, contact me. Together, we will explore whether you are the right fit for us, and we are the right fit for you!

Partnering with a Vistage Professional Coach will improve your chances of success. Contact me today to book a consult and determine if I am the partner and professional coach to help you.